Super Dancer by Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty has brought back the popularity of Rajko & Sushmita series with her super Dancer movie. Initially, Rajko and Sushmita were released as a DVD two years back and had gained huge popularity. The story of these two superheroes was just the same but it was then when director Shankar one of the accomplished film directors decided to make an animated version of it. The online cartoon fans all around the globe loved this project so much that Shilpa Shetty also decided to get the third installment of the story which is called Dancer 4.

The story of Dancer 4 revolves around a super fashion designer named Vrushali who finds it hard to get his ideas through as he is from a lower class. He wants to open a boutique but all the plans fail. Eventually he decides to take a job in an upscale fashion store & start his own business. But this new business will also be challenged by rival fashion stores who want to own a store in the locality.

Dancer is super slim and she is dressed in amazing dresses that are way beyond the imagination. And what’s more she has super-human abilities like telekinesis and can shoot energy blasts. However, she soon learns that her abilities are not meant for everyone & she should restrain herself from going on any super hero quests. She needs to be more conservative.

So Dancer puts in a lot of effort to manage her disorder & also wants to prove to her father that she has potential. But her father doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is still just a retard. So she doesn’t go ahead of her destiny & starts working with a good friend to help her along the way.

The book has several other interesting characters like Kajali, who is a dancer, and Nana who are a dancer too. They spend most of their time together & also become friends. The book is very hilarious & you would laugh even after finishing it. It has some excellent drawings and background pictures. I think this book is aimed at kids but I don’t think it would be suitable for those who haven’t read lots of books on fairy tales. It is not a children’s book but the adults who have read the book will find it very enjoyable.

This book was published in 2021 and it hasn’t received much criticism. There are numerous positive reviews, but not as many as complaints. I think that is because Shelly has managed to create such an exciting book. Her imagination is so powerful that the reader is always hooked on her crazy adventures. I recommend Super Dancer by Shilpa Shetty to all my friends and loved ones.

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